The Golf Performance Clinic will improve your golf game,  100% money back guarantee! 


The Golf Performance Clinic is a private performance center located in Whitby. Many of Durham Region’s top golfers are members. Golf Performance Clinic uses an industry leading  approach for correcting posture, re-establishing motor patterns and optimizing the body for Golf.

Through this approach, we specialize in pain relief, increasing mobility and stability,  improving golf performance and overall health.

Golf Performance Clinic will analyze your body mechanics, swing mechanics, posture, motor patterns, and muscular imbalances.

Unlike traditional golf lessons, we do not modify your body position or swing technique. We actively work to improve your golf posture and swing biomechanics through specific drills necessary for swinging the club like the pros.

Our indoor training facility is open daily! Our golfers are adding 30-50 yards to their clubs and shave 5-10 strokes off their game simply with our coaching and drills!


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1501 Hopkins Street
Whitby, ON L1N 2C2